About us

Rental Jewellery with their unique concept and service is one of platform where our our savoy and conscious customers non-ending crave for expensive and perishable jewellery is simply taken care. In order to rescue you from the troublesome situation of over-spending on your jewellery needs, our Founder and his Team through their diligence came up with extremely innovative way of renting jewellery.

It was one fine day, when the founder of RJ.com was attending a wedding, where he meets his old mate. Being a fashionista she always used to experiment with her looks and her wardrobe used to be full with tons of trendy and cool stuffs starting from simple head gears to shoes. She never could risk a chance to ruin her image, probably more because she used to love experimenting with her looks especially with her Jewelleries. They had a small intense conversation on how it was difficult for her to find proper places to get exclusive collections, to get a good deal and how they would be left unused for a longer period after just once being worn. It was while having this conversation the founder came up with this unique idea of Renting Jewellery.

He studied that Traditional Ways was good but was too old and had its own cost and shortcomings such as:

  • Less no. of Shops provided jewellery on Rent,
  • Travelling Expenses for pickup-delivery,
  • Limited Variety to choose from,
  • High Cost and
  • Additional Security Deposit.

He researched the market as well asked many women’s as in how they would like to have their renting options and found that it was too difficult for people to get easy

  • Access to jewellery,
  • Pocket Friendly Renting Cost,
  • Free Delivery and Returns and
  • No need of any Additional Security Deposit.

So finally he came up with a Traditional yet more convenient way to Rent Jewellery to wear and experiment with it endlessly. People often express their wish to wear a magnificent plus different piece or set of jewellery for any occasion without the full financial commitment.

Rental Jewellery has one simple motto in their mind to let women enjoy their craving for jewellery at fullest by providing the freedom to endlessly experiment with their neckpieces and options to choose from a large range of jewellery, to dress their self with new pieces in every occasion. No matter the status, they always have a variety to choose from and make the ultimate decision of which piece(s) to choose.

Disclaimer: No matter what occasion, always experiment with your neck pieces to get that new look plus grab tons of attention and praises at any occasion.

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