How It Works

Why always buy those expensive pieces, when you can Simply Rent? We loved your decision to Say No to the boring way of wearing same old jewelry and appreciate your boldness to TRY NEW TRENDS. You no more have to feel that you have nothing 'new' to wear for your special occasions. With RentalJewellery, your neck would always be dressed with unique and trendy jewellery, no matter what’s the occasion or location.

  1. Browse it

Access thousands of latest designer collections in Jewellery for your wedding & party occasions

  1. Fall in Love with them

Choose from our World Class branded high quality Jewelry within your budget; Our rental charges start at just Rs.2000/- for 3 neck pieces.

  1. Check availability for your Location

Enter your Delivery and Reverse Pick up Location PINCODEs (This PINCODE can also be different from your Delivery PINCODE) and check RENTAL SERVICE availability. If both services are available, go to Calendar & proceed. If Reverse Pick up service is not available, you can choose to Return products on your own.

  1. Rent it

Select your Occasion date from the calendar. You will see 3 days of Rental period highlighted, as we understand your concern of days henceforth we provide you jewelry on rent for 3 days by charging you Rent Fee of only one day. (Jewellery will arrive 1 day prior to the occasion and would be scheduled for return 1 day after the occasion). Now go ahead and click ' Rent Now' button. Your chosen products are now added to the 'Cart'. Pay Rental charge and Checkout using your preferred payment options. (Why we don’t charge you Refundable deposit? We TRUST our customers the MOST... and understand paying security deposit is just too much to ask for).

  1. If you have, Flaunt it

RECEIVE your jewellery at your registered address. ENJOY the occasion and pamper yourself with loads of compliments from Friends & Relatives. Take Endless Selfie’s & share them with us on Facebook, it would be a great time watching your memories and happy face.

  1. Return it/ Purchase it for Less

RE-PACK the products and keep it ready for return pick-up. We will collect it back from your given address. Just in case, if you have fallen in love with our jewellery and want to make it yours forever you can purchase it at a discounted price. Isn't it amazing to 'Try & Buy' rather than 'Buy & Cry'...!

Now Freely Try On our luxurious jewellery and enjoy the power of 'Timely Ownership' and save your precious time & money.


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